Simple, Affordable & Automatic

We provide highly redundant, disk-based backup solutions for all our online backup services, so you can be sure that your precious data is kept safe, and is easy to recover when you need it.
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Your Data Backup assured

Our systems are powerful and effective, and are designed to minimize recovery time with Point-in-time Restore features. All data backed up is also stored with 256-bit encryption technology, offering the highest level of security.

Keep your data safe with the the most trusted Cloud Backup

Reliable & Robust Cloud Backup for your company

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Automatic Scheduled Backup

Our Cloud Backup infrastructure allows you to schedule backups regularly, as per your needs, ensuring that your backup is as recent as you need it to be.

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Block-Level Incremental Backup

Block-Level Backup systems help us to ensure that all your backups are as efficient as possible, and that your resources are kept free until needed.

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Concurrent Backups

Initiate concurrent backups to multiple destinations easily with our Cloud Backup service, ensuring redundancy and increases the efficiency of data recovery.

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Backup at Butwal / Kathmandu

We maintain two sites, one in Butwal and one in Kathmandu, both using top-of-the-line hardware & software, meaning that in the event of any disaster, your data is always safe, secure, and recoverable.

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Point-in-time Restore

Restore your database to the state it was at any point in time, minimizing recovery time, and loss of data, so that your work can resume as soon as possible.

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Support for Multiple Databases

Backup or Restore multiple Databases with just a few clicks, and make sure that all your data is protected.

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Generate reports as per your need, tracking all your important metrics as well as real-time, usable data.