Faster, Reliable, & High-speed Experience

Establish the user experience for your online customer by ensuring your enterprise is well equipped to integrate emerging technologies so that your audience gets access to the most advanced protocols on the World Wide Web.
cdn as a service

Ensure to deliver content securely with low latency and acceleration.

In online content delivery, user experience is everything. DataHub’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) lets you reduce load times, save bandwidth, and speed responsiveness—whether you’re developing or managing websites or mobile apps, or encoding and distributing streaming media, gaming software, firmware updates, e-Commerce, or IoT endpoints..

Improve web performance - reduce the time needed to send content and rich media to users.

Enable Superior Content Retrieval and Delivery

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Robust Security

Optimize security by enabling HTTPS for your domain names which include security services for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection, web application firewalls (WAFs) and bot mitigation.

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Improve Website Load Times

Distribute your content closer to website visitors so that they experience faster page loading times; our CDN can reduce bounce rates & increase the amount of time that people spend on the site.

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Increase Content Availability and Redundancy

Large amounts of traffic or hardware failures can interrupt your normal website function. Thanks to their distributed nature, our CDN can handle more traffic and withstand hardware failure better than many origin servers.

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Caching servers

Caching servers are responsible for the storage and delivery of cached files. Their main function is to accelerate website load times and reduce bandwidth consumption. Each CDN caching server typically holds multiple storage drives and high amounts of RAM resources.

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Why DataHub’s CDN?

Content-owning organizations can use our CDN services to accelerate the delivery of static and dynamic content, online gaming, mobile content and streaming video, as well as other specialized needs reducing consumption and costs.


Who uses CDN?

CDN is used by businesses of various sizes to optimize their network presence, availability, & provide a superior user experience for customers- mainly; Advertising, Digital Publishing, Online Education, E-Commerce, Public Sector, Government, Financial Services etc.

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Blocking bots and crawlers

Our CDNs are capable of blocking threats and limiting abusive bots and crawlers from using up your bandwidth and server resources. This helps limit other spam and hack attacks and keeps your bandwidth costs down.