private cloud

Complete Control, and Customization

Our high end servers are equipped with full security and customization options, and are designed to fulfill the most challenging demands of any organization.
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Maximum performance

A dedicated server means that all of the available resources are only available to you. What’s more, you can easily add-on additional services and boost your performance as per your need.

The highest level of privacy

If you need to work with confidential data such as billing and personal information, privacy is the primary concern, and no other Cloud Hosting offers you the same level of privacy & security as a Private Cloud.
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Maximize performance with Data Hub Private Cloud

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Dedicated Single Tenant

Hosted on enterprise-grade hardware 100% dedicated exclusive to you, your private cloud is custom-built to deliver performance and compliance.

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Robust Security

Our 100% Enterprise-Class Cloud Setup is secure with high performance, our data centers are certified as per IS0 27001:2013 Information Security Standards.

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High Performance SSD Drives

Our high-performance, RAID 10-protected SSD Storage provides high IOPS for the best performance. Increase your Cloud Application performance further with our Enterprise SSD storage.

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Additional Resources Available On Demand

Add additional resources and services including advanced hardware-based firewalls, redundant security platforms, advanced VPN services, and more, as per your needs.

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Unparalleled Control & Customization

Get full root access for shell, or full Administrator roles for Windows clients. Customize your server as per your business and customer needs on the fly.

disaster recovery

High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Avoid application downtime with our High Availability (HA) functionality which minimizes downtime, while our Data Center at Butwal serves as a Disaster Recovery Site.

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The Best Infrastructure

Our Cloud is housed in state-of-the-art Data Centers and cutting edge hardware – Compute, Network and Storage. Quality and performance is guaranteed, as is your ability to reach us any time.

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Performance Logging & Monitoring

Our VPC service allows you to log all IP traffic going in and out of your data center. You can also monitor your NAT gateway and collect real-time, usable data.

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Proactive Monitoring

Best-in class 99.95% uptime and availability through 24/7 Proactive monitoring.

Access the most trusted Private Cloud in Nepal

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What is Public Cloud?

Our Public Cloud Solution comprises of a Shared Cloud Infrastructure, where multiple clients access the same infrastructure, although access to their data remains private. This is the most popular option for most companies as it is quick to set up, easy to access, and requires the least IT administration. Public Cloud is usually used for website, multi-tier web applications, file-sharing, and others.

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What is Virtual Cloud?

Our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Solution offers all the advantages of virtualization to single-tenant cloud environments. It features high availability, robust security, and guaranteed redundancy to meet the demands of your enterprise.

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What is Private Cloud?

With our Private Cloud Solution, you can rent your own server which is dedicated for your organization and your needs only. Manage and customize your server as per your business requirements on high-end data centers. If you are looking for full control, maximum performance, and the highest level of security for your data, then this is the best solution for you.