DR as a service

Business Continuity Solutions

Minimize the impact of a downtime caused by a disaster — natural or caused by a human — by getting mission-critical applications back to operation in the shorter time possible.

Powered by COMMVAULT

Our simple, flexible & scalable, comprehensive DR solution powered by industry leader COMMVAULT, is designed to suit your enterprise business IT recovery on demand using multiple combinations of methods (back-up and replication etc.) and infrastructure (on-premises, private, public, hybrid cloud & hosted cloud etc.) to minimize the impact (RPO) of disruption and recover faster (RTO).

Is your system protected against disasters?

Protecting your data & company from disaster

Multi-site Replication

Achieve cost-effective failback provision, by replicating your mission critical systems to a secondary creating an active failback, that’s ready to go live.

Always Secure, Always Encrypted

Your data is always encrypted, both in transit and at rest, keeping your confidential information safe and secure.

Centralized Management

From a single interface, ensure data availability and business continuity across your on-prem, and cloud environments.

Multi-Platform Support

Supports for multiple data types, databases, applications, operating systems and hypervisors with RPO adapted to your business’ needs.

DR as OpEx

DRaaS replaces upfront capital investments with flexible monthly billing. Gain higher performance and reliability by leveraging DataHub cloud services, while maintaining control over production environments.

Easy Deployment

Deploy DR solutions to-and-from on-premises, and across public and private clouds.


Recovery point and time objectives (RPOs/RTOs) easily aligned with SLAs.