Co-Location Services

Optimize your Organization's ICT Systems

Enable your organization to reach even higher levels of performance, stability, reliability, and security with our Co-location services which are customized for your needs.

Co-location services tailored for you

At Datahub we understand that your business demands flexibility, and the ability to rationalize cost, and control monthly expenses while maintaining an agile environment so you can grow and scale when your business demands it.

Ready to experience higher levels of reliability & performance?

Co-location services that meet your business requirments

Our Off-the-shelf, pre-installed Dedicated Half and Full Rack Ready solutions along with Unit (1U, 2U and more) based space are always available, and ready for you to move straight in.

Take advantage of our Onsite technical experts who can help you build the appropriate environment for the servers and IT infrastructure, delivering in a way which meets and supports your business requirements.

Our Datacenter ecosystem comprises of cloud platforms, Fintechs, and the largest carrier networks and ICT service providers in the country, meaning that you have the flexibility to source these services & connect with the providers that best suit the needs of your business.