firewall as a service

Robust, Secure & Intelligent

Firewall as a service, or FWaaS, enables firewalls to be delivered as part of a cloud infrastructure with Next Generation Virtual Firewall Appliance (VFA).

Keeping You Secured

Leverage industry-leading IPS, SSL inspection, and advanced threat protection for non-disruptive optimized performance to your critical infrastructure.

Lower TCO

Datahub VFA comes in HA and Load-balanced configuration to establish security for your infra and applications without needing to buy any security applications.

Lower your TCO & maximize your performance with DataHub

A better Defence for your Business

Top-of-the-line Firewalls

We offer industry leading next-generation firewall NGFWs to support a Security-Driven Network for Cloud-Ready Organizations.

Visibility & Simplified Management

VFA delivers real-time visibility, control, and immediate policy enforcement across your Infrastructure.

Detect, Prevent, and Protect

Detect, Prevent, and Protect your network against malware, exploits, and malicious attacks using continuous threat intelligence from AI-powered security services.

IPS Enabled

Protect against network exploitable vulnerabilities with industry validated IPS security effectiveness, low latency, and optimized network performance.


We offer built-in advanced routing capabilities that deliver high performance with encrypted IPSEC tunnels at scale.