Anti-malware Protection

An anti-malware software solution safeguards websites and applications. With its comprehensive threat detection and prevention system, it provides protection against a wide range of threats, including web shells, adware, phishing, mailers, and many more.

Defend your Server from Malicious Actors

Every second is crucial during a cyber-attack. Keep your data secure with DataHub Malware Protection tools.

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Real-Time Monitoring

The tool will proactively monitor your server and automatically protect your server from infection in real time after enabling active-protection.

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Signature-less Detection

The tool will detect infected files by analyzing the behavior of the files on your server, rather than what their signature is.

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Intelligent Malware Detection

The tool utilizes its global Honeypot and context-aware Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) to safely protect you today based on malicious activity seen somewhere else yesterday.

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Minimal Performance Impact

The anti malware software tool does all the heavy lifting in the cloud, so there’s zero impact on your website’s performance.

Improve web performance - reduce the time needed to send content and rich media to users.

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How can I Add DataHub Malware scanner to My DataHub VPS?

You can add simply by requesting DataHub Support team. Our Team will install agent inside the VM.

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How does DataHub Malware Scanner Works?

Unlike most anti malware software that only scan for file signatures to identify threats, The tool analyzes the execution of files on your server. This real-time detection of malicious behavior allows to promptly remove infected files.

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What types of malwares does DataHub Malware Scanner detect?

The tool safeguards your server against an extensive range of threats, including Trojan Horses, Keyloggers, Spyware, Rootkits, Phishing Sites, Cryptojacking, Ransomware and more.